Midjourney 5.2: new aesthetics, high variation, shorten command & zoom out feature

Posted: Friday 23rd June 2023

From DavidH on the Midjourney Discord announcements channel:

v5.2 is on by default. To use previous versions of Midjourney

Hi @everyone, we're going to try to test V5.2 today

What's new in V5.2?

New Aesthetic System
- Improved aesthetics and sharper Images
- Slightly improved coherence and text understanding
- Increased diversity (sometimes you may need to roll more than once to get what you want sorry!)
- The --stylize command has been fixed to have a strong effect on the amount of the stylization applied to your image (more like in V3). This command goes from --stylize 0 to --stylize 1000 and the default value is --stylize 100

New "High Variation Mode"
· Turned on by default and makes all variation jobs much more varied.
· To toggle this type /settings and click a different variation mode.
· Underneath all upscales you can also chose which strength of variation you want.

New /shorten command
· This lets you 'analyze' a prompt and get suggestions on what words might not be doing anything and which ones might be key

New "Zoom Out" Feature
· All upscales now have 'zoom out' buttons underneath you can use to reframe the image
· [Zoom Out 1.5x] [Zoom Out 2x] pulls the camera out and fills in details on all sides
· [Make Square] adds details on two sides to make a non-square image into a square one
· Custom Zoom gives you a popup text box that allows you to change the prompt as you zoom out as well as the aspect ratio or precise zoom. To change aspect ratio set --zoom 1 then change the --ar to your target. This option will try to remove black bars on your previous images.

· Things may change in the coming weeks with no notice.
· We are turning V5.2 on by default for maximum eyeballs/testing.
· You can easily switch back at any time by typing /settings and clicking V5.1`.
· High variation mode is limited to V5.2
· /Shorten does not work with multi-prompts

We hope you enjoy the new experimental features. Please give us feedback under ⁠ideas-and-features or show us your new stuff in ⁠show-and-tell

Have fun! <3

v5.2 is the default version. using /settings to choose a previous version.

Below is a video from All About AI demonstrating some of the new features of Midjourney V5.2 (Note you do not require ChatGPT as in the video to use Midjourney).

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